The Electronic Geophysical Year: 2007-2008

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February 2005

14-15: eGY Planning Meeting--Boulder, CO
Download Meeting Notes (270Kb DOC)
Meeting Handouts

16-18: IHY Meeting--Boulder, CO


March 2005

10-11: Open Consultative Forum for IPY Stakeholders--IOC Headquarters, Paris, France
eGY presentation to be given by Mark Parsons


April 2005

3: International Space Environment Service (ISES), Annual Meeting--Broomfield, CO
Renaissance Suites at Flatirons, 500 Flatiron Boulevard
eGY presentation to be given by Bill Peterson

3-9: VIIth IAHS Scientific Assembly--Foz do Igua�u, Brazil (Website)
Mary Hill, USGS, Boulder Colorado, will attend

25-29: European Geophysical Union Meeting--Vienna, Austria
J. Cynan Ellis-Evans has organized a session focusing on I*Y's


May 2005

23-27: Spring AGU Meeting--New Orleans, LA (Website)


July 2005

21: IAGA Scientific Assembly, eGY Discussion Meeting--Toulouse, France (Website)


October 2005

27-28: Workshop on GEOSS Architecture--Washington, D.C.
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center


November 2005

31 Oct-4 Nov: AfricaGIS--Pretoria, Africa (Website)

5: GEOSS, WG Architecture and Data Chairs--Japan

10-12: UNESCO/ICSU World Science Forum--Budapest, Hungary

13-15: Pre-WSIS: Wesley Shrum session, "Past, Present, and Future of Research in the Information Society" (Website)

15-17: ICSU/WMO Joint Committee--Geneva, Switzerland
Mark Parson to attend and visit GEO.

16-18: NSDL Annual Meeting: Examining NSDL's Impacts--Denver, CO, USA (Website)

16-18: WSIS-2, World Summit on the Information Society--Tunis

17: NSF National Science Digital Library Meeting--Denver, CO, USA

20-23: IHY/UNBSSI Workshop, UN Basic Space Science Initiative--Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

21-23: PV 2005-Ensuring Long-term Preservation and Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data--Edinburgh, UK (Website)


December 2005

5-8: International Conference on e-Science and Grid Technologies--Melbourne, Australia (Website)

5-9: Fall AGU Meeting--San Francisco, CA, USA (Website)

14-15: GEO-II Plenary--Geneva, Switzerland


January 2006

10-13: International Heliophysical Year European General Assembly--Paris, France (Website)


February 2006

15-16: Forum on Earth Observations II: Managing Risk in the 21st Century--La Jolla, CA, USA (Website)

20-24: Ocean Sciences Meeting--Honolulu, HI, USA (Website)


March 2006

6-10: SCOSTEP 11th Quadrennial Solar Terrestrial Physics Symposium: Sun, Space Physics and Climate--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Website)

13-14: eGY General Meeting--Boulder, CO (LASP Travel Information)


April 2006

2-7: European Geosciences Union General Assembly--Vienna, Austria (Website)

11-13: Intelligent Energy 2006 (IE06): Oil and Gas Production in a Digital Age--Amsterdam, Netherlands (Website)

19-21: Mastering the Data Explosion in the Earth and Environmental Sciences--Canberra, Australia (Website)


May 2006

4-9: Greenland IPY 2007 Space Science Symposium (GSSS 2007)--Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (Website)

8-12: CEOS WGISS 21 and WGCV 25--Budapest, Hungary (Website)

10-12: Geoinformatics 2006--Reston, VA, USA (Website)

14-18: Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2006--Makuhari, Chiba, Japan (Website)

14-19: International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) Interoperability Meeting--Victoria, Canada (Website)

23-24: Second NASA Data Mining Workshop: Issues and Applications in Earth Science--Pasadena, CA, USA (Website)

23-26: AGU Joint Assembly--Baltimore, MD, USA (Website)

26: Earth and Space Sciences Ontology Workshop--Laurel, MD, USA (Website)


June 2006

4-8: AAS-208, American Astronomical Society--Calgary, Canada (Website)

19-23: 2006 CEDAR Workshop--Santa Fe, NM, USA (Website)

19-24: XIIth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and Processing--Belsk, Poland (Website)

25-30: GEM 2006 Summer Workshop--Snowmass, CO, USA (Website)

25-30: 2006 Meeting of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society--Durham, NH, USA (Website)


July 2006

9-19: SCAR XXIX and COMNAP XVIII Meetings--Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (Website)

10-14: AOGS Third Annual Meeting--Singapore (Website)

16-23: 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly--Beijing, China (Website)

24-27: The Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM)--Beijing, China (Website)


August 2006

14-25: IAU XXVI General Assembly--Prague, Czech Republic (Website)

Virtual Observatory Session: "The Virtual Observatory in Action: New Science, New Technology, and Next Generation Facilities (See:


September 2006

4-8: 6th ECAC and 6th EMS Annual Meeting--Ljubljana, Slovenia (Website)
Abstract deadline: 28 April 2006

14: eGY/European Commission Meeting--Brussels, Belgium

15: CODATA "Science Commons" Meeting--Brussels, Belgium

16: eGY Meeting hosted by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)--Trieste, Italy

17-22: International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun-Earth System (ISROSES)--Varna, Bulgaria (Website)

18-21: Fifth UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (AHM 2006)--Nottingham, UK (Website)


October 2006

9-12: IHY Asia/Pacific Regional Planning Meeting and International Space Weather Meridian Circle Program Workshop--Beijing, China (Website)

19-20: Workshop and Demonstration of Advances in ICT Standards for Public Warning--Geneva, Switzerland (Website)

21: Global Information Commons for Science Initiative Workshop--Beijing, China (Website)

23-25: 20th International CODATA Conference--Beijing, China (Website)


November 2006

6-7: Young Scientists Meeting--Beijing, China

8-12: ESSP 2nd Global Change Open Science Conference--Beijing, China (Website)

27-30: IHY Workshop--Bangalore, India


December 2006

11-15: Fall AGU Meeting--San Francisco, CA, USA (Website)


February 2007

12-13: The International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) Kick Off Event--Paris, France (Website)

12-17: V International Congress GEOMATICA 2007--Havana, Cuba (Website)


March 2007

5-9: Second EGU Humboldt Conference--Lima, Peru (Website)

13-14: eGY General Meeting--Boulder, CO, USA

14-15: US Informatics, USGS/NSF Meeting--Denver, CO, USA

23: First International Workshop on Database Preservation (PresDB'07)--Edinburgh, UK (Website)

26-29: Living With a Star--Boulder, CO, USA (Website)

TBD: eGeoscience Event organized by the UK British Geological Society (More Information)


April 2007

12-14: First European eGY Workshop--Potsdam, Germany (Website)

15-20: EGU General Assembly--Vienna, Austria (Website)

23-25: All WDC Conference--Bremen, Germany

24-27: Space Weather Workshop--Boulder, CO, USA (Website)

25-26: Science Archives in the 21st Century--Washington, D.C., USA (Website)


May 2007

4-9: IPY 2007 Space Science Symposium (GSSS 2007)--Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (Website)

8-10: 10th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science: The European Information Society: Leading the Way with Geo-information--Aalborg, Denmark (Website)

9-11: International Data Exchange Workshop: Building a Global Data Network for Studies of Earth Processes at the World's Plate Boundaries--Kiel, Germany (Website)

9-14: GeoSciML Technical Meeting--Tucson, AZ, USA

14-18: IHY Conference 2007: Heliophysics: The Sun, the Heliosphere and the Earth--Bad Honnef, Germany (Website)

16-18: Geoinformatics 2007--San Diego, CA, USA (More Information)

20-24: Semantic Technologies--San Jose, CA, USA

21-25: 23rd Meeting of the CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services Meeting (WGISS-23)--Hanoi, Vietnam (Website)

22-25: AGU Joint Assembly--Acapulco, Mexico (Website)

26-28: Geoinformatics 2007--Nanjing, China (Website)

29-June 1: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society/Canadian Geophysical Union/American Meteorological Society Meeting--St. John�s, Newfoundland (Website)

Session of Note: "Data Management and Communication in Canada for the International Polar Year"


June 2007

12-15: Virtual Observatories in Geosciences (VOiG) Conference--Denver, CO, USA (Website)
May 18: Abstract Deadline

18-20: UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on Basic Space Science and International Heliophysical Year 2007--Tokyo, Japan (Website)

18-22: European IHY General Assembly--Torino, Italy (Website)
April 30: Abstract Deadline

18-22: Twenty-Seventh Annual ESRI International User Conference--San Diego, CA, USA (Website)


July 2007

2-13: IUGG XXIV General Assembly: Earth, Our Changing Planet--Perugia, Italy (Website)

7: Launch of eGY

8-11: 2nd International Symposium on Knowledge Communication and Conferences (KCC 2007)--Orlando, FL, USA (Website)
Deadline for paper/abstract submissions and invited session proposals: March 22nd

9-11: Integrating Standards In Practice: 10th Open Forum on Metadata Registries--New York City, NY, USA (Website)

12-15: The 4th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications: CITSA 2007--Orlando, FL, USA (Website)

30-Aug 4: AOGS 4th Annual Meeting--Bangkok, Thailand (Website)

The 4th Annual Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Meeting will be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, July 30-August 4, 2007.

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15, 2007 (Abstracts)

Early Bird Registration Deadline: May 30, 2007

eGY-related sessions and conveners are:

IWG01: Cyberinfrastructure for large-scale numerical simulations and visualization
*Dr. David A. Yuen (University of Minnesota)
  Dr. Huai Zhang (Graduate School of Chinese Academy of sciences)
  Dr. John B. Rundle (UC Davis)
IWG08: Informatics relating to Earth and space sciences - to obtain tangible outcomes during the eGY
*Dr. Ken T. Murata (Ehime University)
  Dr. Xin Li (Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute)
*Prof. Jun Matsumoto (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
  Prof. Hansa Vathananukij (Kasetsart University)
  Prof. Guoxiong Wu (Institute of Atmospheic Physics)
  Prof. Atsushi Higuchi (Chiba University)
AS06: Yoshi K. Sasaki Symposium on Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanic and Hydrologic Applications
*Prof. Seon Ki Park (Ewha Womans University)
  Mr. Boon Chua (Oregon State University)
  Dr. Liang Xu (Naval Research Laboratory)
  Prof. Chun-Chieh Wu (National Taiwan University)


August 2007

Jul 30-4: AOGS 4th Annual Meeting--Bangkok, Thailand (Website)

20-24: IPY GeoNorth 2007: The First International Circumpolar Conference on Geospatial Sciences and Applications--Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada (Website)

27-28: 4th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)--Vienna, Austria (Website)
March 30: End of Paper Submission


September 2007

16-19: International Conference: 50th Anniversary of International Geophysical Year(IGY) and Electronic Geophysical Year (eGY)--Suzdal, Russia (Circular)

23-28: SEG International Exposition and 77th Annual Meeting--San Antonio, TX, USA (Website)

24-28: Earth Observation Symposium included in the The 58th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)--Hyderabad, India (Website)
March 1: Deadline for abstract submission


October 2007

4: 50th anniversary of Sputnik launch

9-11: PV 2007 International Conference: Ensuring the Long-Term Preservation and Value Adding to Scientific and Technical Data--Munich, Germany (Website)

10-11: International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES 2007)--Beijing, China (Website)

16-17: Canadian IPY Researchers Workshop focussed on collaborative data management processes--Gatineau, Québec

23-24: IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee meeting--Québec City (Related website)

23-25: NASA ESDSWG 6th Meeting - Philadelphia, PA. (Website), eGY presentations


November 2007

5-11: International Heliophysical Year 2007: New Insights into Solar-Terrestrial Physics--Zvenigorod, Russia (Website)

12-16: IHY-Africa Space Weather Science and Education Workshop--Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Website)


December 2007

10-14: Fall AGU Meeting--San Francisco, CA, USA


March 2008

3-6: 68th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft (German Geophysical Society)--Freiberg, Germany (Website)

5-6: eGY General Meeting--Boulder, CO, USA


13-14th March 2008: Earth & Space Science Informatics Summit

Venue: Villa Celimontana, Rome - The Home of Geography

Participation limited to Lead persons of major Earth & Space Science informatics communities and programs (more info)

(Draft Plan) (Hotels Rome) (How to get there)


26-28: Semantic Scientific Knowledge Integration AAAI/SSS WORKSHOP,

Stanford University, Stanford, CA



April 2008

13-18: EGU General Assembly--Vienna, Austria (Website)

Sustained Arctic Observing Network - Edmonton, Canada (Website)


May 2008

5-7: Cyberinfrastructure for environmental observations, analysis and forecasting: NCAR Cyberinformatics forum, Boulder (Website)

14-16: 3rd Information Science Technologies (ICT) Africa conference, Windhoek, Namibia (Website)

25-30: JGPU, Tsukaba, Japan

27-30: AGU Joint Assembly--Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA (Website)

Session Proposal Deadline: October 31, 2007

Google Earth Workshop - Next generation of Academic Applications


June 2008

9-11: Trieste Paleo Climate Conference: Reducing and representing uncertainties in high-resolution proxy climate data

11-13: Geoinformatics 2008, Potsdam (Website)

16-22: CEDAR - Utah, Zermat Resort (Website)

16-20: AOGS Fifth Annual Meeting--Busan, Korea (Website)

USGS Workshop--Golden, CO, USA


July 2008

6-11: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2008--Boston, MA, USA (Website)

8-11: IPY Open Science Meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia (Website)

13-20: 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly--Montreal, Canada (Website)

15-18: ESIP Federation, UNH Durham, NH (Website

eGY is sponsoring a special session: eGY - Towards a Global Earth and Space Science Informatics Commons

eGY is Sponsoring a half day Special Event: S1eGY - Towards a Global Earth and Space Science Informatics Commons.  Members of the organizing commitee include:  W.K. Peterson, eGY, USA, MSO, Y. Kamide RISH, Japan, Deputy SO, Charles, Barton ANU, Ausralia, Peter Fox,  HAO, USA, William Liu, CSA, Canada, Mauro Messerotti, Astronomical Observatory, Italy, Raymond Walker,  UCLA, USA, Alan Rodger, BAS, United Kingdom, and Liu Chuang, CAS, China.

Contributed talks are solicted.  Abstracts are now being accepted until February 17, 2008.   See the website for submission details.

29 July-1 August, Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM) (Website)

eGY Sponsored session: U01: Earth and Space Science Informatics

Developments for the 21st Century, for the upcoming 2008 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM) in Cairns, Australia.


August 2008

5-14: International Geology Congress-33--Oslo, Norway

6-14: IGC, Oslo (Website)

25-27: The 4th International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC'08) - The 5th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'08). Submission Deadline: 25 March 2008 (Website)


September 2008

8-13: Informatik 2008 in Munich Germany. (Website)

GEOSS Workshop XXIII - Science Modeling & Data Policy - Quebec City, Canada (Website)

Virtual Observatoris in Geophysics (VoIG)

29-30: Fifth International Conference on the Preservation of Digital Objects - iPres 2008 - British Library Conference Centre, London (Register now!) (View the preliminary programme)


October 2008

5-9: GSA/GCAGS Joint meeting, Houston Texas: Celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth. Abstracts are now open. (Website)

20-24: ICSU General Assembly, Maputo, Africa (Website)

CODATA 2008, Kiev (Website)