Agenda (draft)
Monday, 11 June - Special Workshops
0800-0900 Breakfast; Registration
0900-0915 Welcome
0915-1000 Session I: History and Background of VOs
1000-1030 Break
1030-1230 Session II: Science Requirements of VOs and Use Cases
1230-1400 Lunch; Poster Session and Demonstrations
1400-1600 Session III A: VO General Session
1600-1630 Break
1630-1800 Session III B: Data Providers and VOs - Exploring New Roles

1800-1800 Adjourn
Tuesday, 12 June - Conference
0830-1300 GEON Geosciences Network: Enabling Discoveries in the Geosciences - full agenda
1300-1700 The Globus Toolkit in CyberInfrastructure: Examples and Lessons - full agenda
1300-1700 NASA VOHD/VxO: PI meeting for the NASA program - By invitation only
0830-1530 Registration at the Curtis in Third flood foyer
0800-0900 Breakfast
0900-1100 Session IV A: Building and Using Use Cases for VOs
0900-1100 Session IV B: Discipline-specific VxOs and Interdisciplinary VOs
1100-1130 Break
1130-1300 Session V A: Detailed Architecture of VxOs
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1600 Session VI A: VO Contributions, State of the Art, Best Practices
1400-1600 Session VI B: Data Quality, Data Citation, Preservation and Stewardship
1600-1630 Break
1630-1830 Session VII: Interoperability, Catalogs, Query Languages and Standards
1830-1830 Adjourn - Free Evening
Wednesday, 13 June - Conference
0800-0900 Breakfast
0830-1030 Session VIII A: Metadata, Vocabularies and Semantics
0830-1030 Session VIII B: VOs: Educational, Developing Countries, Marketing
1030-1100 Break
1030-1230 Poster Session 2 and Demonstrations
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1530 Session IX A: Accommodating Users: Security, Resource Control and Policies, Branding and Attribution; Provenance and Derivation
1400-1530 Session IX B: VO and User Tools and Applications
1530-1600 Break
1330-1530 Session X: International Programs, Funding, Coordination, Closing Session, Discussion Session and Conference Summary
1700-1700 Adjourn
Thursday, 14 June - Conference
Conference Venue:
  1. The Curtis Hotel (Curtis Street @ 14th Street) - Third Floor
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